394 pages / paperback
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A Generation of Revelation

A timeless collection of 17 mini books from Pastor Al Jandl

A GENERATION OF REVELATION is the timeless collection of Pastor Al Jandl’s seventeen mini-books created to celebrate his 40 years of ministry. Pastor Al has been a spiritual “dad”, mentor, coach, prayer partner and a friend to many. His passion for God, for His Word, and for people shows up in each one of these mini-books.

With titles such as: Role Model, Choices, Four Ways To Face Life’s Challenges, Where Is The Giant, and more, you will appreciate the revelation and wisdom that God has entrusted to Pastor Al Jandl. This book will bless your life as four decades of a Pastor’s heart are revealed through the pages.


174 pages / paperback
$8.95 + shipping

The Storehouse Principle

A revolutionary God idea for creating extraordinary financial stability

You don’t need more money, you need a storehouse!  Today’s world is not the same as it used to be.  It is now common for people to change jobs many times during their adult lives.  Many are fearful because of this financial uncertainty.  The Storehouse Principle is a practical way to revolutionize our walk with God and dispel that fear.

God is speaking the “Storehouse” message to His people today to prepare us for coming events.  The Storehouse Principle will revolutionize the church, individuals, families, communities – even governments.  Begin to experience this revolutionary God idea for creating extraordinary financial peace and stability!


Dead By Morning
DVD Disc / 4:3 Format

Dead By Morning

The personal testimony of Pastor Al Jandl

On this DVD:
In 2005, Pastor Al Jandl  shared his life-changing testimony with the congregation of Living Stones Church in Alvin, Texas. Witness this unique story of how God took a life full of pain and bad choices, and turned it around for good.

Bonus Features:
• True-to-life reenactment of Pastor Al’s testimony produced by The 700 Club.
• Living Stones Church – America’s Church of the Week.

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